Business Law as Public Interest Law Symposium

Friday, April 13, 2012
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
EDU - 1131 Seminar Room (86)
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Brittany Rodriguez
Law School Development Group

This symposium brings together leading business law scholars to explain how business law, in its many forms, can serve fundamental public interest goals.

The concept of public interest law defies simple description. It is many sided, but often focuses on areas of the law that are used to help vulnerable members of society - civil rights and civil liberties, the rights of the poor, children, the elderly, and the disenfranchised.

Business law, too, is multi-faceted and represents an umbrella term for several areas of law, including antitrust, bankruptcy, corporate governance, development, finance, insurance, intellectual property, payment systems, secured credit, securities, tax, and white collar crime.

Attendance is free, but please RSVP online for catering and seating purposes.

More details, including speakers list and schedule, on the symposium page:

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