Welcome to the Externship Online Registration and Request for Authorization to Enroll System. Before you continue, read about the process of securing an externship and enrolling to receive academic credit at Externships – Application Process. As you move through this system, keep in mind that the term "Registration" is used to indicate the first step in the process, not the final step, i.e. enrolling in the course. Reading the page about the application process linked above will help to avoid confusion. Before registering, you must also understand the requirements that externs must meet to earn credit, described at Requirements For Externships.

Through this system you may:
  • Register your intent to seek an externship.
  • Receive the approvals required before you may seek a second, third or full-time externship.
  • Request authorization to enroll for academic credit for your externship.
You must complete all three of these steps in order to receive the code(s) necessary to enroll in the appropriate externship course through the Course Registration System.

If you encounter technical difficulties during the registration or application processes, please contact the webmaster at webmaster@law.uci.edu. If you are looking for externship opportunities, see the Externship Catalog or the Judicial Placement Guide (PDF). For questions about the externship program, contact the Director, Laura Fry, at lfry@law.uci.edu. If you have questions about your eligibility to extern, review the Academic Rules, section I.D.; contact the Dean of Students, Elizabeth Schroeder, at eschroeder@law.uci.edu with questions about your particular circumstances.